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Thread: Me and a friend are looking to set up...

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    Me and a friend are looking to set up...

    We are trying to go with a non conventional way of wireless networking for the carputer+home. My friend is a network guru (well maybe not a guru, but he knows more about networking than I, and I'm fairly familiar with it) and he was shooting out a couple ideas, I would like to get some decent range with a broadcast. I dont know anything about bluetooth, but before I get into that I want to quickly run over the "best" idea we had.

    Since wireless anything is just a broadcast of a signal, we figured we could use CB frequency(ies) to transmit data using the bittorent protocal so it can have some checks to verify the data was recieved properly, because I'm sure there will be a fair amount of data loss with using a cb frequency, and cb's can sometimes get a decent amount of range, so I was thinking that since I work about 4km away from where I live (I'm lucky there) that I could broadcast from my house and receive it in my car.

    -A couple problems I see with this however, is
    1) Obviously the data loss, I'm probably underestimating that fact if this is even doable.
    2) Transfer speed, cant be very fast over cb freq's
    3) Range

    It was just a brainstorm idea, but from what I hear bluetooth is what would be perfect for me. I've never dealt with bluetooth nor have I read about it. I am going to go do some ing and see what I can find out about bluetooth. If anyone has some good bluetooth reads that I may not come across easily please let me know.

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    while you're googlin' take a peak at packet-radio. Ham operators (not too far removed from CBrs) have been moving data about over these frequencies for decades. But then their radios aren't hopping from receiver to receiver while in motion themselves so they fight doppler shifts a bit less often. Keep us posted!

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    I've got a friend who's a ham and he's been using packet radio for years on his sailboat. Downloads weather reports, maps, all kinds of stuff. He also uses it to upload location data that posts to a server so you can always see where he is.

    Great range but it costs a couple hundred for a radio and of course you need an entry level ham license.

    I'd think that CB's wouldn't work because they are AM and way too noisy. Of course, it's also against the law to utililze it for what you're think of doing.

    How about a GSM modem? That would give you excellent range and you don't have to solve any of the transmission issues.
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    yeah same here, I have a couple friends that use packet radio as well, but it's very very slow. pretty much only good for getting email's and such
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    Bluetooth devices usually only work within about 100ft. Other than that, the signal cuts out and causes problems. You need to use your home internet connection and get a wifi signal or a cellular data connection in the car. What kind of data are you trying to broadcast from house to car?


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    my friends dad rigged up a tracker into his mums car... i think that was usin packet radio, it looked like a CB, with the handset etc, but had a gps mouse and some other crap plugged into it... (after my friend crashed his mums car.) haha.

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    The problem with CB (other than legality) is the bandwidth at that low of a frequency. The typical HF packet speed is 300 baud, typical VHF speeds are 1200 baud. If you want any kind of bandwidth, you will need to go higher in frequency, perhaps the 900MHz ISM band would work, but depending on line of sight, 2.4GHz hardware would probably be cheaper.

    APRS is a ham system that mostly operates on the 2 meter (146MHz) band (as well as some HF and internet linking) at 1200 baud (usually) that allows position reporting (and some other uses such as messaging) inexpensively using a basic "modem" (Terminal Node Controller - TNC), GPS receiver, and radio. A simple system can be done (using new parts) for under $200. This works well because there is relatively little data to transfer from each node (position (~1sec burst) every several minutes).

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    Isn't CB radio one-way? If so, wouldn't he have to include some kind of controller to allow for bi-directional communication?

    CB Radio is a very bad idea. It's spectrum is being de-regulated (slowly) by the new "GW Bush" Administration; and it will likely disappear in the next 4 years.
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    If you want to try bluetooth, I would first try this... Mod for 1 mile bluetooth range . The addition of a 5dBi antenna to a USB bluetooth adapter will supposedly give you up to a 1 mile bluetooth range. If both computers had this antenna mod installed, I would easily expect at least a half-mile range with good signal quality, and over a mile is possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbergeron
    Isn't CB radio one-way? If so, wouldn't he have to include some kind of controller to allow for bi-directional communication?

    CB Radio is a very bad idea. It's spectrum is being de-regulated (slowly) by the new "GW Bush" Administration; and it will likely disappear in the next 4 years.
    Wow. I would really like to see proof of this. You'd think that being the dumbass hilly billy he is, he would know not to screw with truckers, and their livelyhood. He takes away CBs and his whole administration will be looking over their shoulders.

    But on the serious side, definetly look into packet radio. I started playing with it, sort of getting my feet wet in ham radio. I was pretty awesome. Like wifi, slower, but incredible range. And then you start looking at repeaters, and the whole ham thing.
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