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Thread: ULTIMATE and TRUE Wireless Internet Connection

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    I also have the Moto V600 and have tried everything I can think of and searched and searched and searched and followed Zorro's instructions for PhoneControl and still haven't got it working. I did however connect to my PC and use it as a headset. The only thing I can't do is actually use my touchscreen to dial phone calls.....someone will figure out some software that works flawlessly soon I hope.

    One question though can you make the phone pair up automatically when your CarPC starts? Or do you have to go to the phone and make connection manually everytime?

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    Well, I got my USB serial cable to tether my phone to my PC and saw a couple of improvements:
    1. I now get 38kbit/sec instead of 20kbit/s
    2. I can now receive calls whilst connected to the internet via GPRS.

    The latter is a big win. So now I need to work out how to use the PC's microphone and speakers to make phone calls and I'm largely set when I finally have my PC ready to go into the car. Tethered is not ideal - I'd rather have it all just work off bluetooth but I can make a phone stand with the serial cable embedded in it - using it like that won't be much of a hardship as long as I can get it to use the PC's microphone/speakers...
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