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Thread: Configuring wireless card in a PC as a WAP?

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    I though I already sayed it, but I think I forgot to press the submit button, so here its again

    Some cards DO indeed offer an option to run as accespoint, mostly called Soft-AP.
    I've seen it on various cards, like Canyon, Asus (WL-160G) and ZoomAir (PCMCIA). I havent tested it myself, but it should work. You have to install the utillity from the card, since Windows itself doesn't offer this option.

    See e.g.

    Its not that hard to connect an external antenna on it, so you can place that antenna op the roof of the car. Antennas can be found on for only $18 for a 7dbi omni.

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    Quote Originally Posted by big_cali_dave
    You didn't say you were gonna plug in a WAP, you said configure wireless card AS an ap.
    It had only just occurred to me. Using my USB wireless is preferable for size.
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