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Thread: Where can I source a wireless extension cable?

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    Where can I source a wireless extension cable?

    Hey guys,

    Just got a card similar to the pic attached, the connector details are below.

    Antenna External detachable dipole antenna (Connector: RP-SMA connector, Cable Length: 94 cm)

    Anyone know where I can get hold of an extension cable for it to allow me to run it from the front of the car to the back so I can attach it on the rear parcel shelf???


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    Hmmm, may try getting the parts and making my own, the places I've found the cables are like 29 for 2m!

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    look on and search for uk- there are a few good uk seller mentioned such as solwise/computerguy etc who will have the connectors etc.

    also look across the pond to fab corp/hypertech etc

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    again not cheap but i think it has to be made out of top quality components.
    I hear that it can lose up to 2db a meter so i hope your card has a good amount of volume
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