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Thread: Bluetooth Woes

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    Bluetooth Woes

    Ive done a search and got nothing,
    Basically my first issue is that my computer cant go into hibernation if there is a bluetooth connection established via the headset feature. Is there a way to bypass this so it switches it off automatically.

    And secondly is there a way for the computer to detect and set up the connection automatically when i get in the car? Or do i need to manually detect it.

    Im running a Razr and the motorola bluethooth USB dongle. CSR i think.
    Widcomm V3.
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    set bluetooth to look for devices every2 mins

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    i have a v3 razor as well , have the same problem with auto connect . looks like we have too select find hands free each time. not sure on the hib problem. will try tonight.

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    Did you guys figure out the hibernation problem? I could really use a solution.

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    Maybe IVT Bluesoleil does work, I don't like Widcomm.

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