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Thread: Easiest way to connect to random wifi network?

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    Its quite a different thing to allow your AP be connected to with your knowledge vs. not knowing at all. Personally, I think the manufacturers should automatically secure the A/Ps out of the box.

    If you read your TOS for your ISP, 9 times out of 10 you will be held liable for all activity on your lines and liable for allowing 3rd party access.


    And for those that don't think connecting to an A/P has no laws, it is considered wire tapping and illegal computer access, but, technically, the moment you snag an IP address and are "attached" to a network, you're breaking the law. It can even be considered to be hacking, trying to get trade secrets, etc. depending on the A/P you are connecting to, the local/state laws, and the prosectutor. In addition, 9 times out of 10 you are breaking the TOS of the user's service provider and also placing them at risk legally.

    I wardrive responsibly and ethically. I turn off my TCP/IP stack on my wi-fi card and never connect to an A/P that is not mine or one I known I am not allowed to connect to when wardriving. Its like an electronic savanger hunt, and enjoy seeing the spread of wireless in my area. It will be the asshats that abuse wardriving so they can find "open" APs that they connect to illegaly that will ruin this fun hobby for me and others.

    For the record (1)I own legal licences of all my software, especially MS. (2)I use to pirate mp3s, but all of them are legit now after buying cheap used CDs from local stores. (3)I have my matress tags:-P

    Whats the legal alternative? Stop being cheap asses, and go out and get a damn celluar internet plan for your phone. Avoid the legal issues. I had my work pay for mine. If they wouldn't I would of just got a Cingular dataplan for $20 a month. Sure beats the issue of being accused by a prosector when the law catches up.
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    Kandyman, just because you repeat something doesn't make it so. I suggest you actually READ the statutes (as covered in this thread) instead of just responding to the thread with what 'feels' right to you.
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    I'm not saying what I'm doing is right. I pay for my service. I know I'm responsible for what happens on my IP, that is why I reviewed the logs first. Someone checking their email a couple times a day and going to the discovery website I'm not worried about. Just about everyone here with a Carputer that I've seen has a WiFi setup. Are they always connecting to a network with the owner’s knowledge? I doubt it. But if you are not hacking PC's, not getting into private files, not doing anything but using 3-4Mbs to check for an e-mail on a 500Mbs connection that was left open by the user. I don't see a problem with it. Who is hurt if nobody even know it's happening? If you moved into an apartment and the cable company left the basic serviced installed, would you call them so they will send you a bill?
    Case and point. My brother was out of town at a conference. He desperately needed a file he thought he had brought. His hotel’s internet access was down. I told him to take his laptop (which had wireless) to another hotel parking lot. He connected, downloaded the file and it saved his presentation. Who was hurt? Most of this is a victimless crime. Right and wrong is not always black and white, just shades of gray.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kandyman676
    And for those that don't think connecting to an A/P has no laws, it is considered wire tapping and illegal computer access, but, technically, the moment you snag an IP address and are "attached" to a network, you're breaking the law.
    Please point us at the actual laws to back up this claim. All the actual legal wording of the laws I have so far seen cannot be interpreted as above, no matter how much you try. Until then, I will view the above as pure rumor mongering.
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    That's exactly what it is. Kandyman and his ilk make assumptions, or in some cases 'heard it from this guy' and stick to it. They assume that it MUST be true, because it fits their worldview of how things SHOULD be.

    I find this type of person who suffers cognitive dissonance to be the same kind of person who believes that toilets flush backwards in Australia and that the universe revolves around the sun. Someone TOLD them this, and they never bothered to verify it for themselves.
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    Just two cents from the peanut gallery since I have looked at doin this.
    If I'm on a long distance trip and happen to connect to a wireless I will be on it for such a short time that they probly won't notice. If they do notice kinda hard to pinpoint where I am at 75 MPH. Yes idle in my own neighborhood I'd worry bout legal but thats why I have wireless hub so I can use my own connection from garage.

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    As to stop flames, You would still be responsibe unless you know the culprit, IF YOU KNEW THEY COULD CONNECT TO IT. And as for wire-tapping laws, it would only be illegal if you were say "sniffing" the network, or bypassing security measures in place to connect to the network. An open network could be thought of as a webserver, imagine catching a case everytime you went to some idiots website by accident and he got charged for the bandwidth.
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    I dream of the days when we can share information and ideas on these forums without EVERYONE getting into a legal debate. We have certain freedoms in this country. We are even free to do something which may or may not be illegal on the assumption that we do not want to go to jail.
    Does EVERY SINGLE conversation about wardriving, or connecting to open APs have to start immediately with an answer of "thats illegal!!!! " It just makes for a 4 page thread where the answers are few and far between... It's annoying. And when someone has something to say like, "I got the FBI at my house for wardriving" They can make a new thread about it.


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    ok so enough with all that legal crap can someone tell me the best software for:

    autoconnecting to networks that popup

    and for autocracking 64 and 128 networks?

    Thank you!!!

    btw if someone is dumb enough to leave their network unsecure then how the f are they gonna know someone is using it for two seconds? why the f would they care? and how would they prove it? Only you people would care and your networks are secure anyway so be easy!
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    I think cracking someone's WEP without their permission actually manages to stumble into the realm of gaining unlawful access. I can't cite law, but I wouldn't do it without assuming I was doing something possibly illegal.
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