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Thread: Mobile Radio Station

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    Question Mobile Radio Station

    Have any of you considered (or bought) this?

    I think this would be super-cool for listening to music at work or sharing your tunes with your neighbors and fellow travellers on the highway. Anyone have this or something like it?

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    isnt this the same (well similar) as using a usb fm transmitter?
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    its a more sophisticated fm transmitter. its pci based and requires an external antenna. also, it broadcast farther than the normal 50-ish feet. usually a couple blocks on factory set power.
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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Q: What is the range of PCI MAX ULTRA?
    A: High power setting will cover the house and a large yard, with good external antenna possibly up to half a mile or more. It should definitely cover one house. With 5W amplifier you are likely to cover from 1 mile to 10 miles, depending on antenna and terrain configuration.

    haha i wonder how far it would be with their 15W amp.. 30 miles?
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    but also, keep in mind of FCC regulations. ive heard major horror stories from people who stuck on high power amp's for long range broadcasting and got really beat down by the FCC.
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    I have the a NanoFM from this place:
    Techno Lab

    Runs of 12v and audio inputs are RCA, I will use the preamp out from my HU for the source. I extended the antena outside the cab with cable and connectors. The only bad thing about it is the range only goes up to 98.5 so I can't mess with anyone listening to stations higher than that, not that I would.
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