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Thread: Cellular Amplifier / Repeater

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    Cellular Amplifier / Repeater

    I know there's been some discussion about using a wifi amp and hi-gain antennas for increased wifi range, but has anyone tried a cellular one?


    Any experiences would be cool to hear about... The cheapest price for the -10A I've found so far is $300.
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    I have the same model. Whats nice is the repeater function. Most amps you have to buy seperate cables per phone which is costly plus splitters gets spendy. You also loose by splitting the signal up thats if you use two phones.

    But you dont worry about all that with the DA4000MR-10A it's wireless. Connecting is alot quicker. I know will my sprint pcs phone hooking up to the internet its alot quicker and smoother. Usely my sprint phone locks up and diconnects. Not with the amp havent had any problems

    Overall buy it. By a chance you buying from. ???????

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