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Thread: Best USB Wireless Adapter?

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    It also has this sick software that automatically detects and connects to the best network it can find for you.
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    guys you are missing a great opportunity here... get an internal PCI card usually broadcast and recieve at the highest sensitivities.. I got a low profiel one from Belkin..
    Then add on an External Antenna:

    for like 6Db gain and I can listen to my home network 4-5 blocks away depending on humidity/weather Netstumbler NEVER goes completely While I'm anywhere around other people.

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    lol, dont think u understand, i cant, im using a laptop in my car, and too late anyway, already purchased a orinco gold B/G PCMCIA card!


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    yeah my c137 doesnt let me have a pci card with a 3.5 hdd. its ok
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    Has anyone come across a USB stick wireless network card with external aerial support?

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    Quote Originally Posted by antimatter
    Search for Buffalo.

    I use and it works great. it is relativly inexpensive, has great software and the only card that i know of that is USB 802.11b/g compatable and has an external antenna hookup
    What antenna do you use? I have never seen the connector like on my buffalo before... I thought they were like an f connector. Ive got a g54.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James141
    1.) USB
    2.) 100% Compatable with Netstumbler
    3.) 100% Hibernate friendly
    4.) Excellent Range
    5.) Support b and g
    6.) Good software (I know some wireless cards have flakey software)

    Would be nice if it had:

    1.) Possibility for an external arial
    2.) Low power usage
    3.) Nice price
    Here is my setup: Buffalo WLI-USB-G54 => Hawking HSB1 => 7dBi external antenna.

    1) Check
    2) AFAIK yes, so check
    3) Yes, at least according to folks here. Check
    4) You bet!
    5) Check
    6) Check
    1) Yes, MC plug. Check
    2) How low? Is 5W low?
    3) Well... Suits me, so check as well
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    i use d-link. i've tried linksys, usrobotics, netgear. everything didn't give my enough range. i thought i needed an external antenna here in my house because reception was so poor. til i found d-link.

    but that's in my house though, i'm not sure about putting it in a car. as you can see in my sig i'm still putting everything together.

    but for home use, i use d-link. other wireless adapters couldn't give me any signal on my backyard.
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    the orinocco usb actually had a PCMCIA card inside it that has an external antenna connector. They are sought out by all... I have one

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    Hi all i have a Senao nub 362 ext wireless usb adapter works very well on XP & Netstumbler any one know how to make work with SUSE10 Linux Marvin SA

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