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Thread: WiFi Bluetooth - compatible?!

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    WiFi Bluetooth - compatible?!

    I'm running a WLAN in the house (can access net but some reason not other comp's files - any help would be great). But um...yeah...are WiFi and Bluethooth compatible, like will a WiFi card pick up a bluetooth signal. My WiFi card picks up the house portable phone as an available network lol

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    Note that the 801.11 and Bluetooth standards are incompatible with each other
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    To connect to your other computers ya need to set 'em up so they are all on the same network. Then you should be able to see & connect to them. You may also need to enable sharing too if you want to edit files. I'm not on my Windows machine right now so I can't tell ya the exact steps.
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    Need to make sure all the computers you want to access have "File and Print Sharing" enabled on the network adapters.

    Chances are your IP Addresses are DHCP assigned so that will take care of them being on the same network.
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