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Thread: Best phone and carrier for carpc ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cruznlife1
    Okay, also much more worried about internet connection than phone control, I'll never use the phone control anyways, lol.... I go camping alot, spend alot of time on the road etc.... MANY times wishing I could get on mapquest or check forums, or waiting to hear back from someone via email.... I do alot of my work etc.. On the road, I'd much rather pull on the side of the road or in a parking lot in my a/c wtihout even getting out of the truck and getting on the net to take care of things. Faster is better, cheaper is best.... Looking for a carrier with unlimited type services, etc.... That wont kill me month to month, I'm more worried about monthly cost than I am speed....
    In that case you will want Sprint.
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    FWIW t-mobile offers port 80 traffic for free (free as in uses your minutes ... i think). If you need ssl, pop3, telnet, ftp, or any other non port 80 services you need the data plan.

    i think verizon does too?

    Anyway ... i've had t-mobile for a while and am fairly satisfied. I've never been charged for roamingm, even when I've made calls on other provider's towers.

    If I left t-mobile I'd probably go with cingular.
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    I'm very ignorant as to all these different terminolgies and such, basically I want to be able to view mapquest from the road, get on internet forums, my photo hosting ((so I can upload my pics from carshows and stuff to the net while I'm days away from home)) and my email and stuff, I'll get a plan with tons of minutes if I need to.... What type of service would I need for what I Mentioned ? Does phone matter for connection or would the cheaper of the phones connect fine.... I appreciate the patience and the assistance. Thanks !
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    Ok, heres the straight on deal.

    CDMA Service
    Verizon - You can get any newer phone (2003-present) and connect to something called Express Network (1XRTT) @ ~144KBPS-235KBPS. All it does is take your minutes.

    Sprint - Same speed, just instead of taking your minutes, they charge you $15/month for a PCS Vision plan. I would highly reccomend you go with any other carrier. Right now (And for the longest time) Sprint has been rated the worst in Customer Satisfaction and customer service.


    GSM Service
    T-mobile - Get any phone, Get a line and add the $4.99/Month T-Zones plan. You should be able to connect to their GPRS connection (56K), without using your minutes. (You might have to play around with some settings. I used to have T-mobile around 2 years ago, I don't remember exactly what the settings were, you can check one of the T-mobile Threads here or check out

    Cingular - With any plan, GPRS/Edge access is included. They charge .03/KB (After June 1st, .01/KB). Depending on the phone, GPRS is 56K, Edge is up to 236KBPS). Cingular has an unlimited data plan for $24.99, after June 1st this will become $19.99.

    Hope this helps with your decision.

    Good Luck,


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    Quote Originally Posted by rafaelsherman
    @CDM - Verizon doesn't use Edge, it uses EVDO.

    The only carrier in the US that has Edge service is Cingular. T-mobile will get it in 1Q of '06.

    oops. appreciate the correction.

    Cingular is by far the best deal (And that isn't only b/c I work for them).
    for the cheapest plan if i did it proper that comes to 1$ per 11mb of extra traffic or 8cents per 1mb. right?

    Also their coverage looks *bad*. They map showing their coverage is unreadable. Do you have a normal map so i can see where the holes are because there is this huge no service patch right where i live but the site tells me that the service should be available in my area..
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    What you can do to read the Cingular Map is go to any Cingular Store or Kiosk, and ask them for a brochure. I unfortunatley can't find a map this is any better. The map that I posted is not for GPRS/Edge access. It is only for GSM coverage. Very different.

    IF you want I can e-mail you the 5MB PDF of Cingular EDGE/GPRS map.



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