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Thread: For those who War-Drive(man just got caught, 3rd degree felony)

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    For those who War-Drive(man just got caught, 3rd degree felony)

    ouch. i dont think ill do that anymore.

    *edit: meant to say:
    man just got "charged", 3rd

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    weak man. should be ok to do since im sure in the near future they will be secure from factory.

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    "such as people sneaking on others' networks to traffic in child pornography, steal credit card information and send death threats."
    The practice is so new that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement doesn't even keep statistics

    The ignorant ppl in our govm't frighten me.

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    my feeling on it is that, if there was no security on publically broadcasted radiowaves, its fair game.

    now if he broke a wep key, hacked in any, etc, then i can understand the charge.

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    this guy installed a wireless router, connected it to the internet, failed to secure it, & now is pressing charges because someone was picking up what he freely through out there.....that's bull.....I have routers set up without security & I couldn't care less if someone accessed the internet through it....afterall I do that all over, all the's called sharing

    I do however have a firewall up so my pc's are protected.....but the majority of times someone is accessing a signal it's not to hack someone elses computer or for espionage/death threats or to upload/download child's usually just to check e-mail, do web research or check there ebay...or even browse & post to there are some malicious people out there....but I don't think that's the norm.....

    about the only time I would complain about someone using my bandwith would be if they were hogging it & I had slow connections from it, but if that happened then guess what, I could just turn on security......wheres the problem.......

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    I also have no problem with people sharing my router. In our Condo development the grounds by the pool and the club house are wired for wireless, free to residents. I have my own as I have trouble connecting to the community network ( weak signal).

    I'm bradcasting and recieving on the air freely the radio signal is out there and I can not prevent it from travelling over public roadways and or from other peoples houses. So as I see it if I do not specifically encrypt or otherwise protect from unauthorized access then go ahead and piggy back on my connection.

    The guy who complained that someone was using thier unprotected broadcast radio network has got real nerve. But the trial has not started yet. And if the guy who was arrested get a Lawyer that knows anything about Telecom and FCC laws. Then the guy who filed the complaint will be laughed out of court. If your network is unsecured then it is no different than ANY OTHER wirreless hot spot like the ones around Starbucks, or Borders Books or dozens of other municipal or commercial, free, hotspots.

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    What a retarded article. Some rookie wrote that at 4 am. I coulda done better without any facts, just a name. If I cared enough, I bet there is a better source out there to find, and more to the case.
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    That will never last in court
    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords

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    hey, wardriving isnt against the law; connecting to networks is. All wardriving is is the maping of ap locations.

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    "Innocuous use of other people's unsecured Wi-Fi networks is common, though experts say that plenty of illegal use also goes undetected: such as people sneaking on others' networks to traffic in child pornography, steal credit card information and send death threats."

    Wow, but he was only piggybacking on his bandwith, so tell me what he did wrong? I understand the paranoia of seeing some dude in an SUV in front of your house on a laptop, but calling the cops and not turning on your firewall? What a ******* tool. He knows how to dial a phone, setup a wireless network, but not protect it. MORON!

    Its in florida, south florida. Whitesville, with a sprinkling of very rich hispanics and blacks. People are paranoid of eachother, white peeple of everyone, hispanics of eachother (what does it feel like to have Nicaraguans, Columbians and Puerto Ricans all in the same cul-de-sac...ask me) No one in south florida is safe, its why they all live in tract housing with guard gates that make delivering pizza an hour affair.

    **** the paranoid ****S of south florida. YOU are not special and YOU are a drain on society and the community. **** YOU i want a pink flamingo on my front lawn and I shouldnt need a permit to do so. bah im just ****y
    (All done)
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