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Thread: P900 & GPRS

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    P900 & GPRS

    I have been searching these forms for 3 days contineously n i have beeen able to connect my p900 to my pc via bluetooh(microsoft drivers) as well as serial cable to get my pc to internet via gprs of my p900. I can connect it successfully to my pc for wat ever time i like but i can't surf ny site in pc which i can do in my p900 at tht very moment. I use a gprs of orange(india) with a built in proxy in the server config...

    Can u help me where i m getting things wrong.
    Thnx Shobhit.

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    hey whats up mah desi brotha lol u gotta find the number to dial its like using ur phone as a modem and ur carrier as a ISP theres a number for example tmobile here in usa is *99# which u would dial and it would register on the server and let u surf good luck

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    hey man where u bros...?

    OK as far as the no goes i got tht no form the dial-up networking wizard of p900 & m using *99***1# or *99***10# as shown by the cid no in tht wizard but if the no was the problem then it wouldn't have let me connect to the server i aslo gt a server ip n a client ip just as a dial-up wats the settings for india can some one me help thnx....

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