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Thread: PCMCIA to R-SMA Antenna?

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    PCMCIA to R-SMA Antenna?

    hi guys,
    ive done a search and cant seem to find any info on the above topic.
    basically ive just acquired a laptop and i want to get a pcmcia wireless card, the problem is i want to use my linksys R-SMA high gain antenna with it so that i get good signal.

    are there any for sale with sma connectors on them? ive had a google and looked at linksys, netgear, belkin etc, but all of them have built in antennas.

    so the question i suppose is how do you guys integrate external antennas? do you just take for example a linksys one apart and solder the external antenna on?

    any help would be great thanks guys.
    oh and it needs to be 54g by the way.

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    This Buffalo card has an MC connector. Go here for an adapter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wi77iam
    This Buffalo card has an MC connector. Go here for an adapter.
    MC connectors break easily. I would never recommend those type of conectors. MMCX suck also.

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