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Thread: Need help with making my laptop Wireless

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    Need help with making my laptop Wireless

    ok, so i just purchased my first laptop, and i just set up a D-link wireless router ... installed it already and its all good. However when i go to set up a wireless connection in my laptop, its not working, heres what i did:
    Network connections -> double click "Wireless network connection" .....The box that pops up is empty, so i click on advanced, thw two boxes their are empty, so i click on add, enter all the info, then click on refresh, But nothing happens, it stays as a red X..... can anyone help me out?

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    What type of a laptop is it (i.e. Dell, Gateway)
    I had the same problem with my laptop at first then I took the time to stare at the keyboard a little. Low and behold I found out that if you use the FUNCTION key and the F2 key (my has what looks like a capitol "A" with little signal marks on it -- or a wireless tower if you will) the laptop connected to my wireless router instantly and the dialog box came up showing what type of network I was connected to and the strength. I hope this helps you. If you have anymore questions feel free to throw them out there.

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    I'm guessing either the wireless is turned off as mentioned above or drivers aren't installed or correct.... check hardware profiles to see if the wireless card is installed & active...

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