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Thread: Wifi makes mp3's skip

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    Wifi makes mp3's skip

    How can I still use my Senao pcmcia card without making it use too much cpu usage? Normally my mp3's skip while playing thru FP or CF. When I disable the wireless connection in wireless network or eject the card, the music doesn't skip anymore. I want to be able to keep the wifi running while using my front end.

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    I used to have that problem and couldn't figure out what was wrong... I basically turned my system into a "wifi on demand"... I only enable it when I'm actually using the internet and then I'll disable it so my music doesn't skip.
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    Same here...I was hoping for both to work at the same time.

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    hmm i have mII12000 mainboard just like you do in your sig.. but i have no problems with wifi causing mp3's to skip. i have a orinoco 802.11b pcmcia card.
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    I have an M10000 with Netgear 802.11g card in it and it skips too. The only solution seems to be to enable on demand or switch to a USB wireless.
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