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Thread: unlock motorola v551

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    unlock motorola v551

    Does anyone of a free place where I can get the code to unlock my v551 from cingular?

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    Those are usually unlocked from the factory. Have you tried putting different company's sim in it?



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    First check with another SIM, somewhere this year Cingular, starting locking the Quad Band Phone. Mine from January happens to be unlocked, so check it out first from like a TMo SIM.

    If you are indeed locked and if you are on Cingular Orange (not from ATT - Blue) and have had service for atleast 90 days, you can get the unlock code. Just be persistant and keep calling CS till you find a rep to give you the ok. BTW, you need to talk to Tier 2. Just read about this a couple days ago over at HowardForums.


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    Since this one is related to unlock phone. I really don't need to unlock my phone but I do need to transfer contract info from Cingular SIM to Tmobile phone. I have been with Cingular for the pass couple years and it time for me to switch to Tmobile (not until another month).
    I just don't want to sit there and spend couple hours and re-enter all 100+ name and number from Cingular SIM/phone to the to-be Tmobile SIM/phone.
    Is there any other way? I have no cable or method of connection to connect from Cingular phone to PC. One of the Cingular phone i have is the LG C1300 the other is Moto G350.
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    Looks like you 4 years to late. He does not have this phone anymore.

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