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Thread: Stream Television to My car

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    I use Orb and I love it, and, it's free. The only downside for the streaming tv is that it's not live. As a matter of fact, my listings are on a 6 hour delay. I just use it for streaming recorded tv, photos, music, and videos... good stuff.

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    Windows media encoder.

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    a few days ago i had a conversation with myself, where i asked "how can i stream the land cable tv signal, from one computer with a tv tuner, to any computer, in house or over the internet?" (reason: just for the fun of it and to add it to the list of "apparently-useless-things-i've-done-but-that-might-be-handy-some-time")

    the answer, after some search, came in the form of Unreal Media Server 5.0 (link)

    it's a software-only solution for Windows, free (to a max of 15 concurrent connections), seems to be well documented and easy to use, and even allows to change channels (requires IIS) !!

    i haven't tested it yet, but i hope to have some spare time to do it, shortly

    has anyone tried it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don 944 LA View Post
    ATI TV cards let you stream over a network ( wireless / wired )
    I have never used it, but it looks good.
    Ok, I wanna know how... I have an ATI TV card and I don't see any option to do this..

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    Quote Originally Posted by sebberry View Post
    Ok, I wanna know how... I have an ATI TV card and I don't see any option to do this..
    Orb might do it for you, they say ATI support is in beta. Check out
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    I have a slingbox, and I use it in my car. It flips my friends out. Won 2 car shows in my division so far and I know the cable in the car was a huge point getter for me.

    Sling box all the way

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    I'll second the slingbox idea. My father got one last year and it's sitting stashed away in a corner of their house with a full cable connection. I'll use it on the laptop to watch something that I don't get here at my house but will also stream it in the card.

    Just upgraded to an LG CU500 using Cingular's high speed network and it works pretty well. Was previously just using EDGE and I could really only stream audio, no video.
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