I have a T630 and trying to get it working properly with my car PC on XP SP2.
I have the same problem wether using Pho Co or not. When I make a call using Pho Co or dialling direct from my T630, the audio works fine on the PC mic and speakers. But, when receiving a call, it only works through the phone speaker and mic, this is the same wether I answer using Pho Co or via the phone.

I am not too worried wether I use Pho Co or not, it's a bit pointless for me as I am quite happy dialling/answering with the phone in a holder. All I want is to be able to accept the call using the phone and hear the caller through the car speakers. Is this possible?

Obviously, if I can get it work with Pho Co would be great, but not essential.

Any one help?