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Thread: Bluetooth Problem with D500 Please help!

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    Bluetooth Problem with D500 Please help!

    Hello guys! Im new here! Can anybody here figure out what seems to be lacking with my bluetooth connection?

    Everything else works fine with my bluetooth and d500 communication except that it cannot detect my D500 in the "PIM & File Manager 2.0 software". What seems to be the problem?

    I was trying to install games in my D500 using the steps located here somewhere. The connection was very successful with that thing "Unauthenticated User" appearing on my Network Connections. But the problem is that, when I open the java uploader program and followed the #*59737425# code... then, serial download.. nothing happens!! Just a clown appearing on my phone with an empty status bar on the bottom. What did I miss? Please help me.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Hi...your first prob could be resolved by shutting down your firewall...this was the reason for my connection probs via bluetooth with the file manager...try it out...

    your second problem with uploading java-games was too much for me resolving it...i used to try out the guide here: but the first link to the drivers is down...i found another one on another page but it wasn't function because i have no "bluetoothstuff.rar" (looking to step 4) downloaded maybe you find this file.

    Sry for my english...i only wrote a D in my final test at school

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    i'm having the same problem aswell so any help with this would be gratefully accepted

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    I'm having the same problem

    HI my first post and crying for HELP

    i have no firewall on and still the same problem i got it all setup right as far as i can tell with the incoming connections and <Unauthenticated User> the light is green and com port set I.P is not the same i go to up load the game and that clown is on the screen but the bar is empty. can anyone help me please i have tryed softstick too but nothings working. I'm not that good with things like this lol

    thanks ady

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    In my networksconnection doesn't come unauthentic ated user!
    I have read the instruction from flobot and did all what he mean.
    my problem is, that i doesn't got the patch from wincomm,
    i follow the link but said: outbrinc, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons.

    Why? is the patch the problem?

    Sry for my english, i come from germany.

    greetz and thx for reply

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