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Thread: How to Change the Minor and Major Class with Widcomm

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    How to Change the Minor and Major Class with Widcomm

    Hi @all,

    i'm using the latest Widcomm sw and phoco with my SE K750i and T630. but there are some problems transfering the audio to the pcs speaker and mics.
    i'ld guess that this problem may occur because the car-pc identifies itself as a computer and not as a headset/handsfree. afaik this identification is done through the major and the minor class setting of the bluetooth-software.
    is there a possibility to change this settings f.e. by editing the registry?
    i found a reg-key named MinorClass which is set to notebook (0x00000c(12)).
    i changed the class to headset (0x000020(32)) but with no effect.
    also i did'nt found a key to change the major class which has also to be modified.

    any suggestions are welcome.

    thx hematec

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    You are on the correct track, but I seriously doubt that it is that simple. The driver s/w uses windows calls internally that correspond the proper settings. Basically, you'd need a driver that wants to set itself up as a headset.

    Not very appealing, unfortunately, to driver writers.


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