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thanks for the replies guys!

just to clerify a few things, my last contract with cingular just ended and I was looking for a phone that would allow me to access the internet from my laptop using the phone as a modem.

Right now, I am looking into getting verizon. They have pretty decent phones and they have great discounts. Now, my question is this, say I choose the Audiovox CDM-8940 or the Samsung SCH-a950, and i select the America's Choice 1350, will I be able to use my cellphone as a modem for my laptop to reach the internet at no extra cost? (other than useing up my minutes?). What type of speed could I be expecting with this setup?

I'm reading alot about 3G, VCast, EVDO and 1x, what are the prospective speeds, costs and differences for each technology?
If you want opinions about specific phones go to phonescoop. Same for providers and plans. They have forums for each specific phone. You can find out what hundreds of others like and don't like about the phone you are considering.

For technical info, even how to hack into your phone and reprogram it in ways the carrier doesn't want you to do, look at Howardforums. Most of the techie stuff on phonescoop is just reposted from hofo. This is a car computer forum. Everything you want to know about carputers is here including how to use your cell phone to connect it, but if you are looking for advice on phones, go to a phone forum.