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Thread: with 3G to go with (real 3G)

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    which 3G to go with (real 3G)

    I知 currently using my cell phone with an unlimited data plan from Cingular to get internet connectivity while in my car (weather and traffic mainly.) Anyway, I知 using my Razr which isn稚 even EDGE so plain GRPS which is about the speed of a 56k modem. Being that unlimited wireless broadband through Cingular and Verizon is now ~$60 a month, I知 really thinking about it.

    Does anyone else already have this? I知 looking at the Kyocera KPC650 from Verizon (WCDMA or CDMA2000 not sure) and the Novatel U730 UMTS card. Both say average speeds are between 400-700kbps with bursts up to 2mb, but having worked for Cingular for 5 years, I know to expect less. Does anyone have experience with either the Cingular or Verizon 3G networks? My contract on my current phone with Cingular is up in March, so that痴 not an issue.
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    I have verizon EVDO PC card and always hit around 2mbps....sometimes 3...thats in the DC area though.

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    i would reccomend Cingulars UMTS/HSPDA you can read about it here and if your in the seattle area you are coverd

    overall GSM coverage is teh way to go, more secure, more coverage worldwide, more users = more support.
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