I have two tmobile cards (gc89) and am having major problems. First my hardware. M10000, Richoa pci/pcmcia adapter. The fdirst card we bought from tmobile worked flawlessly then my cousin over inserted the sim and broke the sim connector.. So, called Tmobile, replacement card recieved, unplugged old GC89, swapped sims out and inserted replacement GC89.. No go.. I am getting a Sony Erricson GC89 802.11g adapter Code 10 from XP Pro. The Tmobile/Sony Connection manager isn't seeing the card because XP cannot start the card because of the code 10 error as reported by the device manager.

I have spent two days, uninstalling, reinstalling, software, hardware, drivers, updating drivers etc. Running through the list of computer trouble shooting techniques. I have NO idea what is going on here.. I have read in a couple of README's that there is an issue with ALI USB chipset however nobody including VIA, ALI, Sony Erricson, or Tmobile that has a solution and/or drivers to correct said known issue. We even drove to a Tmobile store and tried two other cards aside from the two we have and no luck. We have spent HOURS on the phone with Tmobile's "tech support" and you all can guess how well that went..

So.. Thoughts???