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Thread: Cingular and Razr v3 and PhoCo - Good Combo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nkotch
    Does motorola phone tools do all that (phone control, audio routing, dialup access) all at the same time over a single bluetooth connection? I think that would be where the problem is.
    I'm not certain, I never played with the functionality as most of my time was spent changing the firmware and various settings around with a hex editor. I dont see why it wouldnt work as it'd function similar to a BT headset in accepting the call and allowing communication. My friend's Infiniti M35 works well in this sense with its onboard navigation/computer setup. It detects his phone is within the car (usually stays in his pocket) and automatically connects to the BT for all calls incoming and outgoing as well as voicemail notifications. He has a Motorola 'Triplet' phone which is the same core hardware as the RAZR v3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dopefish
    Why couldnt you utilize a BT connection to your phone and Motoral Phone Tools to control the phone? I havent tested actual talking over the PC with my RAZR connected but have dialed out with it and then used the handset to talk.

    Motorola PhoneTools will simulate your phone on the screen and give you the advanced functions for data transfer and syncing to your Calendar/Outlook/Etc while offering the usual phone functions on screen.

    If my RAZR wasnt dead I'd play with it but I'm waiting for Cingular to let the RAZR v3c out in mass before I replace mine as I want the upgraded camara and transflash slot.

    Then I'd have to figure out how to skin phonetools to work in roadrunner. I'm pretty set on using PhoCo, which is already set up to work in RR without too much work by me. So the razr doesn't work bc it needs multiple bt connections according to the forums here
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