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Thread: easy switching between "access point" and "ad hoc" mode?

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    Question easy switching between "access point" and "ad hoc" mode?


    I have CarPC with WLAN USB. I use it daily connecting to access point at my home or my friend's place. CarPC gets IP automatic via DHCP on access point.

    But when we are going to a trip, I would like to have a connection between 2 or more cars. In this case I have to use ad hoc mode. But is the any "CarPC friendly" easy way to switch from one mode to another, because you have to change everytime "getting ip automatic" to manual enter ip address (192.168...)?

    I am also looking for communcation program for ad hoc mode (voice, maybe even webcam support), easy to use with touchscreen. MSN, Skype etc. wants internet connection, because they have to connect to servers...


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    I'd say the easiest way to do it is write a batch file where you manually set the IP address.
    I know the Windows NET statement can accomplish this, but I don't know what the specific commands would be. I'm sure some research would yield what you need.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    cant think of any software that would be user friendly but you coud easy write a script in autoit to do this and assign a skin button to run it if you are using a skinable front end. If you arent then I guess you could do the script in a gui with big buttons. Just a thought but isnt it possible to run both access pont and adhoc at the same time anyway. In the advanced wirless settings there are 3 choices.
    Any avaliable network (access point preferable)
    Access points network only
    Computer to computer (ADHOC) networks only
    If its set on the first choice it should work with both and you can all set up the alternate config for when DHCP isnt avaliable. This is all in xp sp2 by the way, I cant remember what older versions have.


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