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Thread: Bluetooth keyless entry system?

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    The skytek product looks good but I am still kind of stuck on trying out the Connect2car Anywhere G2 with the bluetooth proximity module that also starts the car not just unlocks the doors. . The bluetooth module can also be standalone for a 12v accessory.
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    Bluetooth activation device

    Quote Originally Posted by MisterSpy View Post
    Where can I find a Bluetooth car unit with the ability to detect my Bluetooth enabled phone and unlock the car when my phone is in range? I read about something like that on another thread, however, I don't see anything on eBay..and custom shops I've talked to about it say they haven't seen any products that do that on the market yet.

    If anyone has any information about where to buy this system...or if you actually have something like this installed, please stand up.

    This might be something of interest - it is a bluetooth proximity activation device -

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    Hey Everyone, sorry to bring up such an old thread, but it looks like people are still looking for bluetooth based systems. I don't want to spam the board, but for individuals that are still interested, you can use the contact info listed under my profile.


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