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Thread: Boost mobile?

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    Anyone know the current speeds? Even with different phones is it faster?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sina3001 View Post
    Seeing how this thread was started about 2 years ago, it's safe to say that things might have changed over this time.

    I have read pretty much this entire thread, and it's a lot of posts! I'm sure the answers might be in these 32 pages but I didn't see it.

    So I figured I'd ask a few questions to bring myself, and other people interested in this cheap internet method, up to speed.

    (1) What is the best phone to use for internet currently (the maximise speed)?
    (2) What is the best phone to use for internet and GPS currently (this is listed incase needing GPS would result in a different phone choice)?
    (3) Since WiDEN is no longer available, what kind of speeds should we really expect?
    (4) With the advent of 3G and now even 4G connections, is there any chance that Boost Mobile's internet speeds will get a "boost" (pun intended) to higher speeds?
    I would like an answer to these questions as well. I do have other questions, though:

    Can I buy a boost mobile phone used without any problems? I would imagine the ones you could get off ebay wouldn't include a SIM card, where could I get one?

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    Any update on this would be great

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    i can update. its a year later and things are a little different but not much.

    pay as you go internet is unlimited per day, and it costs 35 cents for each day you use it. this plan is perfect for dedicated carpc internet, because you dont drive your car everyday. you do have to spend $10 every 3 months i think to keep it active (ir, your money expires after a few months of non use, so keep your balance low). this is not a problem since ill probably end up paying about $8 a month anyway. also, if you ever have a dead phone or in an emergency with no phone, you can pull this one out and use it right away to call anyone, just 10 cents a minute.

    speeds are whatever your sprint phone gets. there are reports that people tethering 4g phones on boost are getting 4g speeds as well. dont ask about activating 4g phones on boost though, its not easy or wanted by sprint.

    youre not even supposed to activate sprint 3g phones on boost either, but its been going on for years and sprint hasnt really tried stopping it. there are services that can do this for you for a minimal fee, and i recommend going that route just for the fact that you dont need a boost phone to start with.

    there are a lot of new features i can implement on my carpc now that it has its own full-time internet. gps tracking, remote turn on of the pc, and maybe even apps to turn on things like lights and stuff. first thing was first though, an external antenna so i can put the phone away hidden somewhere.
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