I did my reading / searching as was a little spooked by all the trouble people were having with BT connections and drivers and phones.

I think the secret is in the right BT USB adapter. I have a Razr V3, and the first adapter I tried was a kensington 33085. It sucked, kept dropping connections and autodialing my phone book when it connected.

Then, I got the Motorola PC850 adapter at radio Shack for about $50.00. Came with Widcomm drivers 4.01.2005, and everything worked fine during the install. Phoco integrated with it, and I can send receive calls over my PC. Connection is stable as a rock, and when Phoco fires up, so does the phone.

I think Phoco needs some tweaks though, cus I have trouble answering a call sometimes with the green button, cannot make 2 calls in a row without closing Phoco and opening it again (sometimes) and then it also seems to have a delay when the incomming call is picked up ("hello", "hello", BT connetion made, "oh, there you are") It's like a 3 second delay between the time the connection is made and the sound comes through the speakers and mike.

If anyone can point me in the right direction on how to fix these minor quirks in Phoco, I would appreciate it.

Just thought you razr peoples would like to know there is a $50.00 solution out there.