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Thread: Help with Linkss wireless router losing connection during big xfers

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    Help with Linkss wireless router losing connection during big xfers

    I have a wireless AP router on my server at home, and I have a wireless linksys card out in my Jeep on the carputer. Well most basic communications work ok, like AIM, downloading web pages, ... but as soon as I transfer something larger then 40 - 50 megs, the connection dies and pauses for a while, then resets. Distance from the Jeep's carputer to the router is not a valid reason for this failure, I put the carputer on my workbench here in the office and STILL had the same overloading transfer failure problem when the AP was 3 feet away from the wireless nic card.

    Can someone help me out on this? I wanted to move all of my MP3's and XVID movies over to my Jeep via wireless, but it looks like its not going to happen and i'll end up running a ethernet connection out to the car....but id rather not have to do th at since i have gone thru the expense of buying a wireless router AP and a wireless nic card. PLEASE HELP!
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    Make sure and update the firmware on the Router and the drivers on the card. If that doesn't work, check the settings on your router.

    You could even un-plug the power on the router and leave it out for about 30 seconds then plug it back in to reset it to default settings.

    If none of that works then email Linksys and ask them if this is a common problem. If it isn't ask them how to fix it.

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    I had that same problem. You are correct distance isn't the issue as my I was using my wireless in my server room and the same exact thing happened. Using a linksys WRTG-54. Last week updated the firmware (just released last month) and the issue seems to be resolved now. Granted I am only geting about 2MB p/sec with wireless as opposed to the 10MB p/sec I get with the wired.

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    You'll never see the quoted speed. There's quite a bit of overhead that has to deal with the connection. 2Mb a second isn't too bad considering the distance and materials the signal has to go through.
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    yeah no complaints here about 2MB p/sec.. I have ethernet ports in everyroom so If I need to transfer big files to my server computer I just hook the laptop up to the wired network.

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