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Thread: Wireless setup utility?

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    Wireless setup utility?

    ok so im using cf, and i have a belkin usb wireless internet adapter. the software it uses, wont show up in cf (as an external app) so is there any way to use the normal windows networking screen? (like the screen that shows the different connections that are available?)

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    you dont need to see the networks just set windows too auto connect any network, if it wont connect then its secured and there is nothing you can do about it anyway. If you know the networks and know the settings then manually set them up and when windows sees them it will connect to them. Make sure you have adhoc swithched off tho or you could connect to a pc or they to you and you could get hacked.

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    where do i set windows to auto connect, and wheres the adhoc option?

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    Those settings are in the properties of your wireless network connection. try this:

    1. Go to Network Connections
    2. Right-click on your wireless network connection
    3. Choose Properties
    4. On the Wireless Networks Tab, check the box that says "Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings"
    5. Click advanced button on the bottom
    6. Set to the middle radio button (Access point networks)
    7. Check the box at the bottom that says "Automatically connecct to non-prefered networks"

    Hope it helps...

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