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Thread: Rogers Portable Internet (Canada)

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    an update.. finally..

    Sorry guys.. forgot to post this earlier...

    So, I have had the portable internet in my car for quite some time and considering it doesn't have ip handover yet, it's pretty damn good. It's not as strong the further out of the city center but still good none the less. As a test, I had my itunes radio station playing continuously along the 401 highway and it played fine.. when I had to renew ip's between towers, it just cut out for around 5-10 seconds... sometimes but rarely, it cut out for 20 seconds or so.

    All in all, I would say this is a good way of getting internet into your car and with the continuous improvements they're making, it can only get better. I'll be happy when ip handover is in service.


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    How do you connect the power supply? Do you use your car's 12V power source directly? Do you need a power converter like 12VDC - 120 VAC - 13 VDC? What's the rating on the Rogers Power Adaptor?

    It is nice if we can make a 12 VDC to 13 V converter.

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    Hey !

    I am using this for almost 1 year already. I was first or second customer in my city for this portable internet. It is nice, works good. I powerd it from vehicle's 13.5 V (this is the voltage I have with engine running) and it works. Also I open the plastic case and removed the internal antenna. Instead I soldered RF connector and connect to it external roof mount 2.6 GHz antenna. By the way this standart called WiMax. It sounds very promissing because already start to sell this product but with 3MBps speeds And also we have 256kbps from Rogers for 24.99$ CAD per month
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    Excellent work. I too am a rogers cell user. However, the internet coverage is lame on PEI. I heard through the grapevine that you can use the 'unlimited data plan' from rogers for your cell and conenct your PC via bluetooth to use it. Any idea how to do this? I think that might be better...maybe

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    either way itsa scam at those prices..
    besides the tech already exists rogers is just too cheap

    rogers just wants to wait for the price of the tech to drop before they give it to you.
    they dont develop nuthin.
    same with bell.
    they rely on US counterparts to develop the tech and then buy it when its cheap(er).

    they (rogers bell cogeco) are all in cahoots with eachother...

    otherwise we could get pricing like the US
    dont forget # protability...let alone the rediculous lack of competing companies.

    its theivery at its grandest...I think they own the CRTC lock stock and barrel via payouts myself...

    im not a conspiracy theory guy.... but I do know a scam when I see one

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    Why dont you just ask a buddy in the US to sign you up for a cheap *** cellphone and put it on automatic credit card payment. You need a US address to activate, but just like we get Bell Sat. TV and we are in Colorado, it can be done.
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    roaming charges on data #'s like 2gig a month?
    whats that worth???

    no really... im actually asking now!?!?!
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    Rogers Portable Internet

    I just typed up my personal review and experiences with Rogers Portable Internet in another post located HERE
    If you're in need of HighSpeed internet in your car then Portable Internet is the way to go!

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    i spliced into the 12V rail as it powers the modem nicely... even though it's a volt off...

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