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Thread: Treo 650 on Verizon using 'Mobile office'

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    Treo 650 on Verizon using 'Mobile office'

    Is anyone using a Treo 650 on VerizonWireless using VZW's 'Mobile Office'??

    The newest VZW phones that offer Broadband require some hefty fees ($40/month) to connect.

    The Mobil Office kit I bought with my old phone connected pretty slow but added no additional fees, just consumed airtime.

    If I upgrade to the Treo 650 VZW say I can't use the Mobile Office software but I think they are full of ****.

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    I attempted this as well, and got the same line from Verizon. My dad swears he was able to do it by upgrading his old phone to the 650 and not changing anything. (He's fairly clueless about it, but I did confirm his internet was working). I was a new subscriber with the 650, and so mine doesn't work taht way. So I would think tyhe trick is to start with a basic phone, add the service, then just upgrade the phone after.


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