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Thread: Wifi Usb Card:)

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    Wifi Usb Card:)

    Looking for the best Wifi Usb card i can find really ( At a good price )
    needs to have a good Range i have one thats a silly lil stick that works like 10 meters haha
    i been looking every where for a good wifi usb hard ( IN UK ) every thing i find is in usa can any one help Please

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    Hi Bob,

    Unless you hack the card to take an external antenna you are limited, i would recommend that your modify your choice of mounting position that the adaptor, i have my 802.11G usb adaptor inside my dash with the Bluetooth and i have no signal issues, more than enough for periodical updates of my music libary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rob_69er View Post
    Get the 362-ext, its the b/g version with external rp-sma antenna. Its a 200mw transmit and a fantastic receive sensitvity. I have one of these and its amazing.

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