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Thread: Bluetooth Phone Setup - No Audio Transfer :(

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    Bluetooth Phone Setup - No Audio Transfer :(

    G'day All,

    My free time project is slowly coming along pretty well but I'm having problems setting up the mobile phone module in Centrafuse, but I'm pretty certain it's an issue with how the windows audio/bluetooth settings are.

    OK, a quickish run down.

    Phone is a Nokia 6280, bluetooth adaptor is a BlueSoleil usb (black ones with a swivel antenna), running XP Pro on a R31 Thinkpad which has usb 1.1. Frontend is the latest Centrafuse.

    The PC will connect with the phone no problems, transfer files etc.. Centrafuse can control the phone, make calls, pick up, hang up, see the contacts, pretty much does everything correctly but there's no audio transfer between the mobile phone-PC-landline phone.

    Basically if I talk into the microphone on the PC I get nothing coming out of the speaker on the landline number (calling landline to mobile), and the same with talking into the landline microphone - nothing comes out of the PC speakers.....

    I've enabled all services on the bluetooth (one was bluetooth headset or AV audio something), opened up free ports on the bluetooth settings, fiddled with the audio settings in XP but I can't seem to get it going.

    Any ideas at all ?

    If you need any more info let me know, I can do screen captures of settings etc.. Been working on it for hours now and it's got me stumped.



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    First of all, the bluesolleil drivers dont have the AUDIO GATEWAY function.

    That is the function that makes it work.
    If you dont have audio gateway, it doesnt work. Get the WIDDCOM drivers.

    I have a 6280 myself but when I use audio gateway, I only get a lot of noise so I use my old 6230i again. That phone doesnt have a problem

    Still.. you need the audio gateway function

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    Good stuff, I thought it was something to do with a missing service on the bluetooth. Didn't realise that these drivers just don't support Audio Gateway.

    I'll grab the Widdcom drivers and see if they'll work with this adaptor. Don't think they will but it's worth a try.



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