Using the options in WinXP, I set up my BT dialup connection to automatically dial my phone when IE is opened up. The problem is that when I close IE (from inside a front end, RR in this case), the phone will remain connected.

Now using auto disconnect, an option in WinXP, a window will open up asking if you wish to remain connected. I have 2 problems with this:

1. I don't want to have to press another button to disconnect. I want it to disconnnect automatically when I close IE from inside RR.

2. When using IE inside RR, the auto disconnect window will not pop up because RR is always on top (i.e. I have to close RR in order to see the auto disconnect window).

After looking through the options in WinXP the only thing I could find is a setting that will disconnect the phone when it has been idle for a designated period of time (the shortest being 1 minute).

So is there some way to tell XP to automatically disconnect from the phone when IE is closed instead of having to use the auto disconnect window or wait a designated period of time?