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Thread: Question about boradband wireless and location of card...

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    Question about boradband wireless and location of card...

    I been recently doing some information gathering and bargin shopping for my first carputer in my 2001 Lincoln Town car I pretty much got most of the basics down seeing as I built a few home PC's, my question is would my signal strength with the card be affected more if I were to place the whole carputer enclosure under my passenger seat or at the front of my trunk near the rear speakers? Is there any kind of adaptor I can buy to increase strength or connect an attenna to it?

    Also what service would you guys recommend for my Northeast location of RI I was looking into Sprint/Verizon because it is all I know but if there other options I dont know about please feel free to point them out to me...

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    If you get a card that has an external antenna jack (like the Novatel V620 for Sprint / Verizon) you can get an external magnet-mount or thru-window antenna for it.

    Cingular and T-Mobile also have cards.

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