I have an account with nextel. I have the data plan added. I have use of an i560 or an 1860. I have the data cable. (not the charging one).

I cant connect with the usb cable.stumped.

I have combed the forums here, at howards and at many other places.

in the device manager i see the phone under modems. drivers are installed, ect.

I have downloaded: usb intall drivers. nextel dashboard. nextel connection manager. iDEN JAL. iDEN SDK for J2M (MIDP). iDEN WebJAL. Phonecontrol setup 1.7 and patcher. AND Mologogo.

I am a newb with the phone stuff.

I just want a reasonable connection to track myself with/through google earth. and query google for tire repair or steakhouses on the road... through my laptop/carputer.
ED my *** off.