It is unlikely that this might work, but I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas.

I have a Nokia 6265i from Telus and I am under a share plan. With this plan, I get free Telus to Telus calling and free incoming calls. So I had an idea today. It theoretically would be possible to take advantage of this and get free internet. I know that I can use my phone over Bluetooth as a modem. Maybe there is a way to have an old computer running at home as a sort of server. This computer would be connected to the phone line through an old 56k modem. Then I was thinking maybe there is a way that when I want internet on the road, I just call home and press some special combination of keys to create a tone when the server computer picks up. Then after a few seconds later, the server computer would call back my cell phone and be connected. Information could then be transfered from the server computer at home (hooked up to the internet) to the 56k modem, to my Nokia phone, then to my carpc. And this would be free since I have free incoming calls from Telus =).

Maybe I am just dreaming, but is there any slight remote possiblilty for this to work? Is there even software out there which would let me do something similar to this? I know for sure I can use my cellphone over Bluetooth as a modem to make outgoing calls to a dialup server for internet, but I dont want to call out, rather, I want the server to call ME, since I have free incoming, not outgoing =)