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Thread: Great find on a Multifunction GPS, GSM850/1900, and WiFI antenna

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    Lightbulb Great find on a Multifunction GPS, GSM850/1900, and WiFI antenna

    Incase anyone is looking for a multi function antenna for wifi, gps for their car and uses it for gsm 850. a lot of areas of the us have GSM 850 or GSM 850/1900 dual band. not that many areas I know of have 1900. but there are a lot that are 850 and even more that are dual mode 850 and 1900. these will use 1900 for the actually transmission but connect to towers and control the transmission using 850.

    its 40 bucks for WiFi, GPS, and GSM 850/1900..... or for you europeans, you can configure it with GSM 900/1800.

    its a smoking deal and took me a while to find, but i succeeded finally so i thought i would post it in case others need it. And its not even bulk order

    not to mention they will let you customize the length and the connector types for all the antennas so no matter what cell phone or wifi or gps unit you have you can get the right connection.

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    Nice find.

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