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Thread: 2006 Charger (re-install)

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    2006 Charger (re-install)

    I started to reinstall my Carputer in my Charger, after my Ford Explorer (Expolder) died. This is still very rough, though it should give some ideas of what I am working on.

    (Thumbnails link to full pictures)

    So first off.... The Car :

    The Dash ripped open, and the opening for my screen :

    The cabling...

    A naked trunk

    Rough power up test!

    The screen mounted in my dash! I have the guys at Carbon By Design making me the proper part so it will be nice and flush mounted, and look factory. Untill I get it in, I have to deal with the side cutouts from the factory unit...

    The PC Mounting System.... well the start of it...

    The amp rack being built, and fit tested (I need more bondo and sandpaper! It will be done in Inferno Red to match my car

    It has ALONG way to go.... but its fun!

    The NEW Design : 90%
    The NEW Install : 2%
    The Aspirin : Alot!

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    looks really nice!

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