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Thread: Super 01' Altima

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunsandrosses View Post
    Well I sure am glad to see people modding '01 altimas. I thought I would be the only one dumb enough to try. Sonic, As I stated earlier my main requirements for a carputer are
    "to have a system that is fully accessible from the dashboard (CD drive, inputs, and radio controls)"

    I know most people put their computers under a seat or in their trunk, but what about a CD drive or USB ports. I know CD drives aren't that necessary when you have all of your music on the comptuer and you can always install a USB hub. This being my first install I want to have everything in view and at my finger tips.

    Sonic: Where is your computer located? How did you mount your stereo? Is there a gap underneath the stereo? What's with the red button?

    I saw a thread where you talked about fabricating your own bezel. Is this it?

    Thanks for all of your help.

    My computer is in the trunk. I have a slot load dvd down under the radio. Im not sure what u mean by inputs but i have a few usb hubs up front with extensions running to the trunk. As far as how i mounted my stereo what i did was chop the top half of the cig lighter assembly off then just slid teh radio into that position. I kinda wish i didnt do that now though because i've since decided to go without a head unit so my head units just sitting there doing nothing. There's no gap under the stereo other than the cubby thats already in your altima. The red button is just a power button i added. If i could go back i'd probably mount that some where out of sight. And yes thats the bezel i fabricated. I took the existing bezel, cut out enough of the din slot to fit the 8 inch and bondo'd it in. Us altima owners are pretty forunate that thats basically all it takes. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    I finally got some time off of work to take my car apart, measure my dashboard and do some more planning. Just as a re-cap, my plans are to install a lilliput motorized monitor inside my HVAC openning and move the HVAC controls and a mac mini into the lower 2 DIN stereo slot. The area on the bottom I will probably design a dock for an ipod and my cellphone.
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    The HVAC openning is 9" wide on the inside of the openning and 7.75" on the outside of the openning and 2.5" tall. The Stereo openning is 9" wide on the inside of the openning, 7.75" on the outside of the openning and 4.5" tall.
    Name:  2-words.JPG
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    The monitor itself fits very comfortably inside the HVAC openning even with the accompanying sleeve. The stereo is 7.25" wide and 2" tall. With the sleeve, it is 7.75" wide and 2.25" tall.
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    You may have noticed in the earlier pictures that there is a large metal bar in the HVAC openning. It appears that there is still some clearance behind the stereo and between the bar. I'm thinking of somehow attaching the stereo to the bracket on the sides for support.
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    The positioning of the screen inside the HVAC openning works out better then I thought it would. The image is from the driver's perspective.
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    This shows the very minimal clearance I have between the screen and the dashboard. I'm a little concerned that in order for the screen to work properly it will have to stick out of the dash very far. I just don't want the stereo to stick out so far that it has a giant "steal me" sticker on it.
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    This picture is looking down through the HVAC openning. I am a little concerned with putting the stereo in the HVAC openning because of its weight. There is no support underneath the openning and the HVAC controls are only supported by the 4 screws in the front. There are two support brackets inside the dash that the stereo bolts into and I was thinking of welding a bar accross the top of the brackets to support the bottom of the stereo. Looking at it again, it would be much easier to use industrial strength zip ties and affix a piece of fiberglass to the top of the brackets. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. A friend at work has promised to help me.
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    I'll let you all know when I have decided on a design. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks.


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    I'm back!

    After nearly 7 months of putting my project on hold, I am back and ready to start again. At this point the only equipment I have is the lilliput in-dash touchscreen, which I've been unhappy with so far. I think I'm going to keep it just for the sake of actually getting a computer installed in my car. The only other big piece of hardware I need to purchase is a computer. My goal is to have the computer in the dash and I have narrowed my choices down to either a mac mini or an aopen minipc. Does anyone have a preference or experience with either?

    I like the aopen because it works with carnetix power regulator, has USB ports on the front of the case, has a remote control and I can put the wireless receivers external to the case for better range.

    I like the mac mini, because it works with the carnetix power regulator, has a remote control, I will not need to assemble it and I like the possibility of being able to play around with a mac. I have always been a PC owner, and am looking for an excuse to see what all of the fuss is about with macs. Does anyone know if you can use popular front ends and software on Mac OSX, or do you need Windows.

    Any advice related to using Mac OSX, mac minis or aopen would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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