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Thread: Ford EL XR6 install

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    Quote Originally Posted by mwmcginn View Post
    Well the dropping dollar has to help someone out, I am thinking about putting a small pc and ceasing use of the laptop. was thinking about one of these if the Opus works with it.
    I would check the ATX motherboard plug where the OPUS will connect, and it should match, normally it is a 24 pin (from memory)

    What i did, was simply compare the input stats on the motherboard against the output of the OPUS, and they matched pin by pin and voltage to voltage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by braidy View Post
    Yeah, if you want next time you're up, we'll cruise together. Are you on Fordmods or Boosted E-Series or anything?

    I am only on the fordforums atm, username : BigBastard.

    I would like to take your offer, so maybe one day when i get away work *sigh* I will cruise down to Ballarat.

    It's good to see other members near by with a carputer.

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    After a long break (due to work commitments) i am back into the project, I am taking two weeks off from work, to take the car apart and install the carputer.

    these are the updates on the hardware

    Computer - Dell Optiplex SX280

    • Pentium 4 3GHz
    • 1 gig DDR2 ram (upgraded)
    • 80 Gig Sata WD HDD (upgraded from 40 gig)
    • Intel GMA 900 Video Card
    • CD rom drive (upgrading to DVD burner)
    • 7 USB2 ports
    • Gigabit Network port
    • inbuilt sound card (upgrading to external Audigy)
    • windows XP
    • Power supply - M4-ATX 250W

    • 8" widescreen (16:9) Dynamix touch screen.

      For the LCD i have received sample filters from 3M products which claim to brighten the display and reduce sun glare, Once i have the screen i will pulling it apart and test these filters.

    Software (beta)
    • windows XP
    • Road Runner
    • Voice Activation
    • will look into more once the hardware is ready and installed.

    • Palm Laptop laser keyboard (with a mini keyboard as backup, since the laser may require a flat surface)

    Aiming for?
    voice activated windows, driving lights.
    bluetooth phone control
    digital TV/FM/DVD/Divx/MPEG4 etc....

    MY car
    Ford Falcon XR6 1998 Manual
    182 000km's
    no mods (as yet)

    The interior
    The screen will be located where the head unit is with fiberglass. and the headunit front cover will be relocated to the roof while the "backing" will be moved to the glove box.

    The Doof Doof
    • 2 X 12' Pioneer Subs (400 RMS each)
    • Pioneer OEL display DEH-P5950IB
    • Jaycar Response Car Amp Class D 800WRMS
    • 2 Farad Jaycar Capacitor

    I will be adding a Linksys WRT54GL wireless router, this will auto-connect to the home wireless router and sync. However my biggest reason for having the wireless router in the car, is because i have the Ericsson's P1i which has WLAN, so tightVNC will come in very handy
    and of course this will be useful to connect to hotspots, Wifi's and unsecured home networks *cough*

    Now that i have decided on the PSU and nearly made my mind up for the LCD, things should be very smooth from here on.

    The Australian dollar is doing reasonably well, so importing goods should be easier too.

    Once i start installing the hardware, i will be taking pictures and documenting the process, hopefully it will help others.

    I should have the LCD and PSU delivered in the next two weeks!

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    Hi everyone, i think i should provide a quick update on this thread.

    I have not moved at all since my last update on this project due to work commitment and the hectic social life.
    Also, I am in the decision point to sell or rebuild my car, which means things will delayed once again.
    If i decide to rebuild the car (and turbo) I will be back on the project by the end of the month, otherwise, If i purchase a new car then I will install the carPC in the new car.

    For those who are interested , there is an awesome thread for powering the SX260 'dell brick' Mr2 install Dell sx260 (thank you rev1richie)

    in regards to the SX280, I will be using the Opus 250w (please note, unless you are using external peripherals, I would recommend a 'smaller' PSU as the sx280 utilizes a max of 160W. The reason for a 250w PSU is due to other items I will be powering via the PSU)

    hoping that the AU dollar balances with the US dollar soon

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