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Thread: VW Jetta 99.5 Fastest Start to Finish CarPC

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    I finished the box tonight and ran a test fit and it was perfect. Still waiting for powersupply and screen bezel and then i am take couple of days off work to finish the project and enjoy the system.

    The box is made of 3/4 MDF and glued together instead of screwing it. Also you will notice all the inside edges has been sealed using silicone. I couldn't find carpet for the box for few days and when i did find it it was too expensive, like 45 dollars for few yards. I went my local fabric land instead and picked up some felt like material, very cheap. finally finished the box today.

    It fits right into the trunk. The hole in the middle of the box is not for a port or bandpass. it is actually a sealed box, the whole is there of my custom clear case to sit in.

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