I just ordered most everything for my install, I am going with the LCD in dash route and ordered a double din chassis from blk02si.

Going in the system is the following:

Jetway J7F4K1G5D 1.5GHz
a 400GB SATA hard drive which is going in an external enclosure and using an internal SATA to eSATA adapter so I can easily remove it for adding files, ect.
Lilliput 7"
160w M2
2 4 port USB hubs
Pioneer DVR-K05 DVDRW in an external enclosure
bluetooth USB dongle
bluetooth GPS
and a Sirius kit

As far as audio I am replacing my factory speakers in the doors with 3-way 6 1/2's and powering them via Sony X-Plod 100x4 amp.

Will upgrade to an 8" sub if there is a lack of decent bass.

Primarily going to use it for DVD's, Nav, Sirius, roms, and MP3's for long roadtrips over the summer.

Will begin as soon as everything comes in and will post pics throughout the process.