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Thread: prepping emachines for car use.

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    prepping emachines for car use.

    Well i haven't started the install yet... but...ill post here with updates..

    The specs on the computer are as follows:

    150 watt power supply.
    800mhz intel celeron™ processor.
    192mb syncdram.
    Seagate 20 gb hard disk drive.
    Western Digital 160gb hard disk drive.
    Western Digital 250gb hard disk drive.
    Western Digital 320gb hard disk drive.
    16x TSSCorp DVD DL Burner.

    the monitor im using is a 14.1" super slim megavision lcd.

    yesterday, i was at a friends house, and i decided to do some mods to my compy.
    mounted usb hub inside front of case:
    - the case has a front mounted usb port, which leads to a connector on the motherboard. so, i decided to add a usb hub in the front part of the case (seperate from the hard drives, motherboard etc), i soldered a male usb 2.0 connector to the usb wires coming from the motherboard. then i soldered the front usb port to a male usb connector.(to keep the use of the front mounted port). plugged them all in ther hub and tested it worked!

    internal bluetooth:
    - plugged in a small caseless usb bluetooth dongle to the hub.

    Hard drive activity status LEDs:
    -I soldered a wire to three of the hard drives activity pin (ide pin 39), then ran the wires up to three LEDs i installed in the front of the case (Emachines T1801) i tapped the power from the orange wire (3.3v) from the power supply.
    i still need to snip the wire on the ide cable to allow all the hard drives activity leds to act independently of the other hard drives. right now when hard drive 1 spins up, both lights for 1 and 2 light up...same with 3 and 4.

    Future mods:
    -install old dlink di-514 router inside case.
    -install small SD card to usb reader inside front case.
    -hack molex power connector to another molex power connector to power DVD burner.(not enough power connectors from PS for all the hard drives and dvd burner)

    ill post pictures when i find the camera.
    the total cost for the project is $89 (monitor from

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    well, im heading over to radioshack to buy some stuff...maybe a few leds and such.

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    I took the liberty of editing your thread to remove all your references to your scams and loopholes.
    You've already gotten your infraction for this, so it's not worth another one. I've also deleted all your posts where you're telling users to steal or scam.
    If it happens again, you're gone, no questions asked.

    This community is not about ripping off larger retail organizations. AS such your boasting about it will not be tolerated.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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