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Thread: BMW E39 (Overhauled with 2JZ-GTE)

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    BMW E39 (Overhauled with 2JZ-GTE)

    Well first I must say, if you are a purist at heart this thread may not be your cup of tea.

    About 2 years ago my wife and I had a beautiful little girl. Shortly after everything went to hell. She freaked out and I was told she was suffering from portpartum depression and bad. It was not a pleasant time for me so I had to do something to keep my sanity, and so it was time for a project. Something major, something that would tie my mind up for a while. From being around a lot of Supras and once having a Supra powered Cressida that I loved (she was stolen ) I decided to transplant the 2JZ-GTE to my BMW E39.

    Almost 2 years later after much back and forth and many hickups she is now running, drove it around for a month or so. Back in the garage now working on little things like a/c, M5 bumpers, and total interior redo. Not as much time on my hands now with taking care of my daughter.

    Decided to redo the Carputer since I have the interior totally stripped down. Specs below:

    -Dell sx270 chasis
    -Dell sx270 motherboard
    -Mobile P-4 processor
    -512 memory
    -100G Seagate Laptop Hard drive
    -Carnetix P2140

    I have proven this platform on the family car (Lexus GS400) and it has been quite stable (for the part 3-4 months) even in the extreme heat of South Florida. Definatly love the upgrade from the Via platform which did it's job just fine guess I have simply outgrown it.

    Have tons of pics which I am trying to organize so will post a few once I have them together.

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    damn .... that doesn't sound like a direct drop in engine change

    Got some pics of the transplant process as well ?
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    Sorry for not responding in a while, have been really busy with work.

    Anyways I am almost finished with the car now started it for the first time in a long time today. Found a shop which I think I am going to give it out to for them to finish it up.

    I can't find my digital camera so I took a couple of pics with my cell phone so I apologize if they aren't that great.

    Have to do a bit more cleaning up of things this week but she is running

    Will be working on the carputer this week, time permits....

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    any progress/ more info on this car? Looks like a fun project.
    current system: car2pc adapter playing aux in for a sansa fuze media player. simple. cheap. effective.

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    this is fricken sweet

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    NICE!!! How much boost you running to the 2JZ. I love those engines..almost more than my S52. Do you have any RWHP numbers yet? Keep it up!!
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    She is running fighting to get the a/c sorted out got the mechanics up but getting the german and jap systems to talk is mind numbing...

    Currently running 15lbs and 344 hp @ the wheels. Will post updates over the weekend and some new pics

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    hi basicE I sent you a PM

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    This is freaking awesome!!
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    Well my car has been "finished" for quite some time.. just haven't had much time to post the updates so to show my appreciation to all of those who's posts I have read I am completing this post.

    Car is running about 400HP right now as it's my daily driver. I drive ~500miles per week and FL State Troopers are very aggressive so... Thinking that by the end of the year I will buy a second car, the new E60 is growing on me. My wife has taken over my GS400 so...

    Here are my 2 babies together

    PC mounted under the glove box

    Screen 1

    Screen 2

    Couple of things I am planning to do with her right now are to put in a HD radio (wondering if mp3car's will ever be available ) I also have a Big Brake kit to install the extra stopping power is always useful. If I ever go over 600hp I will swap my emanage out for a standalone but for now the emanage is fine.

    Again, thanks to all those who have posted and have unwillingly given me inspiration.

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