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Thread: my 99 civic car puter...

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    Talking my 99 civic car puter...

    well i stopped work on my carputer a year ago, but am not wanting to start over and do it rite... here is what i have so far. n e help will be nice...

    car puter list
    Case: Q5 /Micro-ATX
    Asus M2NPV-VM motherboard
    AMD AM2 Sempron 3600+
    Kingston 1GB DDR2 667 memory
    Seagate 250G IDE HDD
    lg dvd drive

    Car audio
    3 8 inch screens
    1 7 inch screen
    2 12 inch rockford t1's
    1500.1bd rockford amp
    500.4 rockford 4 channel amp
    custom box and enclosure for all.
    6.5 rockford components
    6x9 3 way power series speakers

    1.0 digital cap

    is there n e thing else u guys could think of that i need... n e comments would be helpful thanks again

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    pics of the car...

    those a a couple of pics of my ride rite now... that whole system setup is getting over hauled into a full rockford setup... and a drop down tv was added in my tvs section...

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    Power Inverter@!

    how big of a power inverter do u think i need ppl and wheres the cheapest place u can get one... ??? lemme kno ur experinces thanks!

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