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Thread: My 92 300zx *just started*

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    My 92 300zx *just started*

    OK.. well i've been lurking in the forum for the last.. oh.. 4 years i think it is.. and recently i was able to get the cash to do a carputer.. So i started geather stuff up for it.. and its all going in the 92 Nissan 300zx

    -=Heres a few pictures of my car taken a few months ago.. so nothing has been started on it yet=-

    The stats of what my carputer is gonna be are are follows

    Acer 5050 Laptop (2ghz 100gig HD 1gig Ram 3 UBB ports)
    Lilliput 7" Touch Screen Montior
    Front Speakers MTX 6x9 Speakers TDX 6903
    Rear Speakers MTX 6.5" Speakers TDX 6502
    Sub 10" duel voicecoil Sub T5510-44
    Amp 1 MTX 4 channel TC3001
    Amp 2 MTX Mono Amp TC4004

    And so far this is as far as i am.. the housing is almost done.. just need to repaint sand and buff and its done..

    More updates to come

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    well i got the bezel all finished and was putting the screen in and the touchscreen glass broke... great.. so not sure what to do about it now.. kinda wierd (AND VERY ANNOYING!!) how it broke.. it didnt have any pressure on it o was just setting it in and i heard a tick and fliped it over and it was broke... needless to say i'm a little ****ed about it.. right after i got the damn think i had to send it back due to it not working.. ($35 shipping =P) that took 2 weeks so here it is over 2 months sence i ordered it and now i have a nice 7" non-touch screen monitor

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    Sorry to hear about your touchscreen keep up the work on it man, just use a wireless mouse in the meantime. I have a z32 im working on at the moment

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    wanna buy a mostly finished custom bezel lol

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