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Thread: TheMutt's 05 RSX

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    TheMutt's 05 RSX

    Alright figured I would start my worklog since im pretty well into my project. I have an 05 RSX Premium Base (only availible in canada) which basically means I have the Type-S body without the motor. Current mods before the Carputer are pretty basic; Carbon fiber hood, Jackson Race Headers, Greddy Evo2 Exhaust, and an Injen Cold air.

    Carputer Parts:
    Dell D600 Laptop
    - Pentium M 1.6 gig
    - 1 gig of DRR
    - 60 Gig internal HDD
    - DVD player and CD burner
    - Iguidance v3.0
    - caVELIve Frontend

    Dell D600 Docking Station

    Dell Docking station Remote power button (custom ghetto rigged)
    Xenarc 700 TS

    450W peak (240 normal) inverter

    Aux/CD changer to Line in for the Acura02-06 base/Accord 01-04/7th Gen civic

    Nokia 6265i Cell w/bluetooth

    LogiTech 5000 Bluetooth KB and Mouse combo (for now)

    Anyway thats the hardware I have now, tested and running. The dash kit for the Xenarc I purchased from another RSX user so I kinda cheated on that.

    Plan is to put the docking station in the trunk under the carpet along with the inverter. I will be running 3 wires from the dash to the trunk; Power from the battery to a fuse to the inverter, Audio cable from the Aux box to the docking station, and the Xenarc VGA/USB cable.

    This weekend I will be running all the wires and the CarPC should be in a semi completed state

    Here is a little pic of the laptop and Xenarc up and running. And of my car

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    Got the Screen in the car and all my parts are tested. Now all I need to do is runt he wires to the trunk and I'll be good to go here are some pics of the install using a custom Redout Skin for Cavelive

    If anyone who lives in Ottawa has wired a car before and would like to help me out I have beer
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    Updated pics of a photo shoot I took a couple months ago

    The mounting backet for the pc to replace the stiraphome spair tire cover:

    Old bracket:

    Little photo shoot:

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    Old mounting bracket, to be replaced byt he new black cutout :P

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